What is Model UN?

Model United Nations is a platform that simulates the conferences of the Model United Nations and its body organizations. At the official conference, participants will address given political and social issues as representative delegates, politicians, or public figures of nations around the world.

What is HMUN?

Hanoi Model United Nations Organization (HMUN Org.) is a student-run organization bringing together like-minded individuals who share a passion for contemporary global issues and international relations. Located in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, HMUN operated year-round with numerous activities revolving around Model United Nations, including:

  1. The annual main conference in August;
  2. Mock Model UNs (two-day Model UN simulation);
  3. Training sessions for Delegates and Organizers on how Model UN works and how a Model UN Organization operates;
  4. Community service activities for students to help their local communities with knowledge learned from Model UN.

Our story

Since its inception in 2015, Hanoi Model United Nations (HMUN) has grown into one of the most anticipated Model United Nations conferences in Vietnam. With a team of around 100 passionate and professional team members, HMUN has gone through eight sessions, achieving roaring successs, gaining widespread publicity, and receiving positive responses from Vietnamese and international students. With growing popularity, our latest conference has drawn in more than 100 Delegates together with more than 40 Delegates attending our Mock conferences.

In August 2019, HMUN transformed itself from an annual event into an organization with year-round operations. We strive to provide better access to Model UN conferences for students and intensive training for both our members and participants. Our organization endeavors to equip and empower students with an appreciation for differing viewpoints, gain first-hand experience of diplomacy, thus fostering critical thinking skills, cross-cultural understanding, and self-confidence. We hope that through their experience with HMUN, participants can leave with valuable knowledge, a growing sense of responsibility towards global issues, and a concrete commitment as Agents of Change for tomorrow.

Our values